Resort Policy


1. Guests are required to present passports with valid entry/exit visa or identity cards (applied for Vietnamese citizens) to our reception for the check-in process upon arrival.

2. Every guest room is equipped with an electronic safe with digital pin pad to keep valuable belongings including money and jewelry. Our resort will not be responsible for any loss.
a. If you experience problems with the safe in your room, the receptionists and/or concierges can help you open it upon your request, while everyone occupying your room is present.
b. Upon checking out, guests are requested to make a final check-up inside the safe and let the door of the safe wide open. Our resort will not be held responsible for what may happen to guests’ belongings after guests leave the reception.

3. It is strictly forbidden to bring weapons, explosives, chemicals, inflammables, narcotics (drugs), prohibited goods, exotic animals, etc. Additionally, in-room cooking and laundering are not permitted.

4. Guests are not allowed to bring pets or pungent smelling produce and items into our resort such as durian, fish sauce, etc.… 

5. In case of fire, please sound the alarm by pressing the “Emergency” buttons that are installed along the corridors and dial “0” to inform the resort operator. Stay calm and follow the guidance of the resort staffs to exit the premises safely.

6. When going out, please lock the doors carefully and leave your room keys at the reception. To receive the keys when you are back, please state your room number in order to prevent any mistake, burglary and other cases of misconducts.

7. Guests are requested not to invite friends or acquaintances to their rooms. In case of necessity, please seek approval at the reception. All visitors are required to show IDs, and no visitors are allowed after 10PM.

8. Villa rooms and common areas are not to be used as offices and business places for guests to conduct commercial activities. In addition, please refrain from displacing and intentionally destroying in-room amenities and common area facilities or moving the furniture and equipment from one room to another. Guests will be liable for any loss, breakage or damage caused to our resort properties and is required to compensate the values of goods at current market prices.

9. Guests are neither allowed to exchange rooms, let others have the use of the assigned rooms nor to share the rooms with more people. In case of necessity, guests must inform and get the approval from the reception.

10. Please notify the reception your check-out time 24 hours in advance to facilitate the check-out process. Check-in time is 2PM and check-out time is 12PM. Early check-in and late check-out are subject to additional fees.

11. If guests violate these policies, charges and penalties will be applied accordingly and the resort will also unilaterally cancel room renting contracts, leading to eviction.