Published on: 27 September 2023
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ANA MANDARA VILLAS DALAT – A Wedding Destination

Nestled in the beautiful landscape of Da Lat, Ana Mandara Villas Dalat is a charming and elegant paradise with classic French characteristics.


Ana Mandara Villas Dalat – The Perfect Love Space

This appealing resort offers a luxurious and unique stay, inspired by the romantic and nostalgic atmosphere of 1920s French colonial villas. Situated in the midst of a pine forest, with lush greenery, rolling grassy hills, and poetic flower gardens, Ana Mandara Villas Dalat is not only a place that preserves the spirit of French culture but also provides memorable experiences for everyone who visits.

Ana Mandara Villas Dalat is a symbol of the delicate combination of classic French culture and unique Vietnamese features. The high-end services at this resort not only meet relaxation needs but also fully embody the spirit of French culture. Guests can experience private garden BBQ parties accompanied by gentle, melodious music, indulge in French-style afternoon tea in the serene natural flower garden or at the poetic Le Petit restaurant. French-style health care spa treatments and diverse culinary experiences with rich and elegant European flavors transport guests to the enchanting and sophisticated atmosphere of old Paris.

September: The Season of Love

September is the season of sweetness and the most beautiful marriage proposals! Love is the sweetest spice in life’s dish; it is the brightest, most sparkling sunlight amidst darkness and thorns. Love is a small, flickering fire that continues to burn amid the chaos of ice. It is a space of tender, loving pink clouds in the midst of a dark cloud forest. Love is always magical. In the vast universe, among 8 billion people in this expansive world, we find each other… And love is also peaceful, as happiness is simply being the perfect piece of someone and realizing that we are dedicated to each other. A perfect wedding is not only wrapped in happiness with your spouse, but also in gratitude and love towards your precious guests. Warm and joyful moments are captured in every photo, in every smile of the bride and groom, and in the embraces of family and friends.

Those are the most cherished memories we aspire to create during the Wedding Ceremony at Ana Mandara Villas Dalat. It is not just a moment when love takes flight, but also an occasion for all loved ones to share in the joy, happiness, and emotions that will weave a meaningful and beautiful story. Exchange your vows and eternal love, and let us craft the most exquisite memories of your special day.

We understand the immense value of emotions and memories. At Ana Mandara Villas Dalat, we bring you an appreciation for the most beautiful things with utmost seriousness and meticulousness. We strive to express your love with luxury, elegance, and nobility, ensuring a lasting impression. Whether the ceremony takes place in the resort’s garden, surrounded by lush pine trees, or in a cozy villa, or even by the warm swimming pool bathed in sunlight and fresh air, we are committed to creating an unforgettable experience.

Ana Mandara Villas Dalat Resort & Spa is dedicated to ensuring that every step is taken to make your big day perfect and unforgettable.

At Ana Mandara Villas Dalat Resort & Spa, you have the freedom to choose your preferred location for your wedding, whether it’s a cozy gathering with family and friends of up to 20 people or a grand ceremony accommodating up to 150 people. You can opt for an enchanting garden setting, an outdoor wedding amidst sparkling lights that create a starry sky among the trees, adding a touch of romance and symbolism. Our picturesque garden, blessed with a poetic, peaceful, and awe-inspiring view of the pine forest, becomes a paradise where each sweet promise is sealed in the presence of loved ones.

Moreover, our unique outdoor heated swimming pool in Da Lat exudes a mysterious charm, providing a setting where wedding celebrations are infused with deep meaning. Exchanging vows under the starry sky, with the water gently embracing and cherishing the memories of a wonderfully romantic evening.