Published on: 17 July 2023
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Cafes should enjoy when traveling to Da Lat

It’s no secret that Dalat is home to some of the best coffee in Vietnam, and Vietnam is home to some of the best coffee in the world. Coffee and Dalat make an iconic duo, and you are guaranteed to find something for your taste buds in every coffee shop in Dalat, especially in the following places:

Túi Mơ To (A Bag of Dreams)

Not only does this coffee shop serve groundbreaking coffee, it is also famous as one among the most famous destinations for Instagrammers and photographers for its stunning interior. Túi Mơ To is constructed with a retro and vintage style in mind, creating a phenomenal atmosphere that is perfect for photography. Another notable point is that Túi Mơ To spans a vast area, allowing the local coffee drinkers to bask themselves in the view of the Langbiang peak and the faraway valleys. The coffee shop is also home to a dreamy daisy field, which further boosts its place among the must-visit destinations in Dalat.

Nguyệt Vọng Lầu (Moon-viewing Platform)

Nguyệt Vọng Lầu was once considered a forgotten spot in the heart of Dalat. It was a source of inspiration for numerous artists, and it was this place where various songs and paintings were first sparked into creation. After more than 40 years of closure, Nguyệt Vọng Lầu has transformed into a very casual pub cafe. Walking through the door, you will find yourself immersed in the unique Chinese-styled decorations, and an excellent selection of coffees. 

Dalat Golf Cafe

A more modern place that is favored by the young generations, Dalat Golf Cafe is widely beloved for its espresso options and for its opulent interior. The cozy and romantic atmosphere of this coffee shop has boosted its popularity as a dating destination.  

Bình Minh Ơi (Oh Dawn)

Bình Minh Ơi has been a fixture in the heart of Dalat for years. This coffee shop is an ideal place for early birds to watch and admire the beautiful sunrise in the early morning. With a traditional antique vibe, Bình Minh Ơi is beloved by many young people as the place of relaxation at the center of a busy city.  This place is also where many interesting music concerts are held, which will definitely be a memorable experience for those who come here.

Lỡ Đà Lạt (Missing Dalat)

Next to a small blue stream that flows gently all year round, Lỡ Đà Lạt is a coffee shop that is more nature-based. suitable for those who wish to immerse themselves among nature.  Located at 18 Truc Lam Yen Tu, this coffee shop is a middle ground for you to rest and relax for a while after visiting the peaceful Truc Lam Zen Monastery or the famous Datanla Waterfall.

Chạm Kem Bơ (Touching Avocado Cream)

Many people are awed by such an oddball of a name, but one will immediately know which dessert is the flagship of the shop, which is Coffee with Avocado Cream. Come for a variety of in-house avocado treats, and especially this very unique coffee drink! 


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