Published on: 31 March 2023
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Create Precious Family Memories on Your Travel to Dalat

Here’s to another blazing summer in Vietnam! As the sunshine starts to grow intense, this is the perfect time for families to start planning for a summer vacation packed with memorable experiences. However, it may not be easy to find a family-friendly destination. If you pick Dalat as your summer getaway, let Ana Mandara Villas Dalat help you discover places/ activities where parents and kids can both enjoy:

Explore a welcoming Dalat

When mentioning Dalat, people will immediately imagine a peaceful city that rests among the clouds, or a romantic city of love. Fun fact: not many people are aware of is that Dalat is also an extremely family-friendly city, with interesting places of entertainment that promise a beautiful vacation full of laughter for the whole family.

If your children are animal lovers who are fascinated by cute animals, Zoodoo Zoo will be the first name that comes to mind. As the first petting zoo in Vietnam, Zoodoo is carefully designed to provide ample protection for the animals while ensuring that visitors will have a safe and fun experience interacting with animals in their natural habitat. Tourists and especially children visiting Zoodoo Zoo will get to play and offer treats to different species such as the kangaroos, pony dwarf horses, or alpacas.

The second stop for animal-loving families will be the Puppy Farm Dalat. When visiting this heaven for dog lovers, kids will get to spend the whole day frolicking and playing together with the fluffy dogs. The dogs here are carefully loved and taken care of, promising a fun and energetic experience suitable for young children. In addition, Puppy Farm also has blooming flower fields for parents and children to have a picnic under the shades or to take memorable photos of the family vacation.

Other two must-visit destinations are Dalat Strawberry Garden and Dalat Milk Farm. How about a day of getting away from the bustling city life and exploring a day on the farm? The sight of cows leisurely grazing in the vast grass field, combined with the smell of freshly watered soil will surely melt away your daily worries. Meanwhile, the little ones will have a great day feeding and milking the cows or picking strawberries like a real farmer.

Exciting activities with Ana Mandara Villas Dalat

Apart from the aforementioned destinations, you can find exciting activities for families with young children right within Ana Mandara Villas Dalat. Let’s take a look, shall we?

Immerse yourself in the poetic natural scenery and create your own works of art. This art class is suitable for all ages and levels. Let your artistic soul soar in the dreamy space of Dalat and paint beautiful pictures!

– Time: 10:00 – 12:00 | Every Friday

– Price: 490,000 VND/ person


Cooking Class

Baking and decorating cakes together with the little ones is definitely on top of the list when it comes to family-bonding activities. Register now for our Chocolate Making & Cupcake Decorating Workshop for the future chef-to-be in your family!

Candle & Soap Making Workshop
What about crafting fragrant soap bars or scented candles to send out as gifts for friends and families? Take a look at the Ana Mandara Dalat’s  Candle & Soap Making Workshop for a meaningful souvenir!

– Time: 14:00 – 16:00 | Every Friday

– Price: 490,000 VND/person


Apart from the poetic mountains and romantic waterfalls for passionate wanderlusts, Dalat still has lovely features that fascinate young children. This city will be an ideal place for parents and children to explore this summer. And don’t forget to contact Ana Mandara Villas Dalat to sign up for relaxing and fun activities for the whole family!