Published on: 14 April 2023
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Dalat – A Romantic Weekend Getaway for Couples

Also known as the City of Love, Dalat is a must-visit destination on any lovebirds’ bucket list. If you are in for a surprising anniversary gift for your significant other, how about a quick couples vacation? For this spring break, Anna Mandara Villas Dalat has compiled some of our favorite locations and activities around the charming Dalat, only for you and yours.

Ana Mandara Villas Dalat’s Romance Vacation Package

Among the pine forest lies Ana Mandara Villas Dalat, where visitors get mesmerized with the beauty of classic French architecture. The quiet atmosphere that is unique to the pine trees of Dalat provides an ideal location for couples enjoying a private moment. Indulgence is the key word here, from a peaceful afternoon tea party to a refreshing picnic lunch in the garden with Ana Mandara Villas Dalat’s Meal with A View offer for an unforgettable romantic experience with your significant other.

For romantic souls who are drawn towards the myriad of inspiration in Dalat, an ARTventure would be ideal for couples. Pour your heart onto the canvas, and let the brushes speak for you.

Feeling a bit crafty? Ana Mandara Villas Dalat also organizes Workshop activities every weekend for those who enjoy DIY projects, with the most popular being the Cooking Class and the Candle & Soap Making Workshop. How about a decorated fragrant candle or a quick bite for those intimate moments between you and yours?

A private moment in the dreamy City of Eternal Spring 

The City of Eternal Spring is not just a name – it’s hard to turn a corner here without feeling amorous. Together with your loved one, you shall explore Dalat to experience for yourself the true charm of the city, starting from the city center where historical buildings mark an era that has long gone to the plateau where local farmers take care of their beloved fields that nourish organic agricultural products.

Another romantic getaway spot in the land of dreams is the pink grass hill, where couples come to immerse themselves in an amorous yet peaceful atmosphere. Many couples also choose the hill as the location for their weddings due to its sheer stunning beauty.

If blue is more of your color than the cherry-pink grass hill, the carnation fields would be perfect for its vibrancy. The various shades ranging from blue to violet that match the color of sky create an almost surreal experience when the blooming carnations blend in with the purple sunset, overwhelming even the most adventurous of souls. This is also where numerous couples have got engaged with the blessing of the City of Love.

And finally, the Valley of Love, considered by many to be the most romantic destination in Dalat. Favored by Mother Nature herself, the Valley is dressed in lush greeneries, ready to welcome couples who are interested in a romantic excursion.

Feeling a bit adventurous? For lovers of exploration, how about a Forest Trekking session with Ana Mandara Villas Dalat? Nothing can beat challenging and conquering the ups and downs of the valley with your loved one before retreating to the villa for an intimate private dinner.


There is something ineffably magical about Dalat that draws the heart of its visitors to the postcard-perfect city. And if you are looking for a cozy weekend getaway that is only between you and your significant other, head to the City of Eternal Spring for a moment of romance, and don’t forget to give Ana Mandara Villas Dalat a head-up for your private suite with the most astounding view!