Published on: 26 May 2023
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Dalat in June – A Guide for An Enthralling Summer Vacation

June marks the moment when the fresh spring leads into a hot summer, which is also the time when many seek for a perfect vacation with their friends and families, and Dalat is one among the most famous choices. A combination of the cooling climate, festive activities, and local dishes make this city a major tourist destination in the plateau. Grab your luggage, because Ana Mandara Villas Dalat will lead you through a memorable Dalat in June!

Weather in Dalat in June

Unlike other regions where the heat starts to blaze heavily in June, Dalat is more unique because June marks the arrival of the rainy season in the city. There will often be sudden showers that come and go in the late afternoon, so do remember to pack an extra umbrella with your suitcase! 

As the rain catches a few tourists off guard, it also cools the bustling city down, allowing Dalat to have a milder and more moderate climate when compared with others. It can even get a little chilly at night, which is the perfect weather for cozy sweaters and pajamas. 

Where to go and what to do in Dalat in June

As the rainy season comes and goes, the weather can be unpredictable, and you can expect a lot of moisture as well. When visiting Dalat in June, the general recommendation is that you should prioritize indoor activities to avoid the sudden rains. On these days when there are cold drizzling rain, it is almost universally agreed among both the locals and the tourists that one should visit a tiny coffee shop hidden among the streets of Dalat, gently sipping on a cup of the city’s prized coffee, and bask yourself in the cozy atmosphere of this romantic city of love.

Or, if you are a fan of crafty activities, how about giving Ana Mandara’s Cooking Class a try? With this Cooking Class, you will get the opportunity to craft your own menu and make your own hearty dishes from local organic veggies, under the guidance of Ana Mandara’s personal chefs.

In addition, Ana Mandara offers a Candle & Soap Making Workshop for crafty souls who would like to personally make a souvenir for their friends and families. Dalat in June is the perfect occasion for such simple yet meaningful activities, and who knows, maybe you will also make a friend or two, or ten!

If you prefer outdoor activities, the flower gardens in bloom are something that no photographers or lovers of nature can turn down. The drizzling rain does not hinder the beauty of the flowers in any ways; instead, the atmosphere is hopelessly romantic, as befitting of Dalat – the city of love.

What to eat in Dalat in June 

It may sound weird to enjoy hotpots in June, but a must-try specialty that every local swears on in Dalat is the chicken hotpot with basil leaves. The freshly harvested and organic herbs and greens are tastefully paired with rich chicken broth, guaranteed to warm your body up on a chilly evening.

June is also the perfect occasion for a few summer salads that are best served cold to refresh both your body and your mind. The city is famous for its summer salads, and the combination of fresh and crisp veggies mixing with tangy lemon juice and spicy beef jerky will be sure to cool you down after a long day exploring.

To Conclude

June is also the month that signifies the beginning of the tourist season, which is the time when a lot of people flock to Dalat to cool themselves down in the hot summer sun. Therefore, do remember to book your trip in advance for the best service at the best price!