Published on: 22 August 2022
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‘Dalat Rendezvous’ Exhibition

“Dalat Rendezvous” Exhibition opened its door on August 8th in Le Lycée Artspace at Ana Mandara Villas Dalat is a meet-up of 8 painters from different parts of the country along with 40 artworks. Five artists from Hanoi including Le Thiet Cuong, Nguyen Hong Phuong, Phuong Binh, Pham Tran Quan and Nguyen Quoc Thang. One artist from Bac Kan is Tran Giang Nam. One artist from Ho Chi Minh City is Hoang Phuong Lien. One artist currently living and doing art in Dalat – Tran Quoc Long. The exhibition is a get-together of various materials from oil paint, acrylic, lacquer to paper crafting, wood carving and paint powder on paper-mâché with traditional dó paper. This is also a rendezvous of colors and patterns reflected in the personal story of every artist; each individual exhibits a distinctive concept, palette and style. What 8 painters have in common is their meeting place – the dreamy city of Dalat. Above all, the gallery also displays their latest artwork that have yet to be introduced to the public.

The opening ceremony of “Dalat Rendezvous” attracted an impressive number of visitors despite a shower of rain amidst an 18-degree breeze. A few popular figures were spotted among the attendees such as the fashion designer couple Adrian Anh Tuan – Son Đoan, art director Thanh Truc Truong, violinist Hoang Rob, businessman Duong Quoc Nam,…

At the event, artist Le Thiet Cuong shared the reason why he and the other 7 artists agreed to participate in the exhibition. It is because Dalat has always been a source of inspiration, a land of creativity associated with many art creators including former composer Trinh Cong Son, singer Khanh Ly and painter Luu Cong Nhan who spent the last 13 years of his life living and composing in this highland city. “I used to have exhibitions in over 70 countries around the world and organized 80 within the country, yet I’m still nervous when joining this one in Dalat.” said painter Le Thiet Cuong. Phuong Lien, one of the female artists of the exhibition unveiled her collection of paper crafting. She told the audience, that after her graduation from the University of Fine Arts majoring in Graphic Design, she experimented with a wide range of materials, then one day she got inspired to paper crafting thanks to her children. “Each way of tearing paper creates different ridges, it is fascinating. The more I create, the more I feel intrigued”. Artist Tran Giang Nam also brought to the exhibition his exceptional works – wood-carving paintings influenced by the culture of the mountainous Northwest. As per his explanation, it takes several steps to paint the wood-carving, from sketching ideas on paper, on the wooden board, then to manually carving, chiseling like a craftsman, and finally coloring for the painting.

Le Thiet Cuong Artist

Tran Quoc Long – an artist from Dalat conveyed, that it has been so long since his last exhibition. The fact that this event occurred in the city where he lives in and works makes it even more special and meaningful. He brought to the gallery 8 of his most recent lacquer artworks inspired by his inner feelings and personal life during the social distancing phase of Covid-19. He said: “It is the same for me and everyone else, feeling lonely and helpless when it happened. I searched for reassurance and faith in life in Buddhism. Looking at my paintings, you will understand it better”.

Tran Quoc Long Artist

“Dalat Rendezvous” marks the first-ever exhibition hosted by Miss Vietnam Ngoc Han together with curator Tong Dieu Hang. The beauty is not only a part of the organization team but also plays as the MC of the opening ceremony on August 8th. She shared with us: “After many years of working in the showbiz, participating in thousands of events as a guest has helped me accumulate experience in event organizing. Nonetheless, when I first stood in the position of organizer, I also encountered many obstacles. Even though the event was rather small compared to the grandiose programs I had attended, it still had a special place in my heart when I directly worked with curator Tong Dieu Hang to discuss every little detail for the event. Not only talking with the artists, scheduling the program, arranging plane tickets, and accommodations but I also had to plan a thank you party for our guests, and at the same time took on the job of communication. Fortunately, the event turned out to be a success.”.

To Ms. Tong Dieu Hang, this is also her first time playing the role of curator of an exhibition. The famous fashionista told her part of the story, it took her 3 months to plan this event from inviting the painters to persuading them to display their unpublished works in the exhibition. What she found the most difficult is to connect the artists with the concept in a poetic artspace of Da Lat while throwing a party of colors for painting lovers. “I am an art enthusiast; painting has been an important part of my life. The root of fashion, music or painting lies in the love for beauty. After years of residing in several places around the world, the first thing on my to-do list is always visiting theaters and museums, to dive in and enjoy. After a few times working with art galleries, I have gained the trust and was ready to challenge myself; so this time, I’m quite confident.” she confided.

The exhibition “Dalat Rendezvous” is open from August 8th to October 8th in Ana Mandara Villas Dalat. This event follows the success of previous exhibitions in this antique resort from the past century of Dalat. Coming to the gallery, visitors will get immersed in the land of art and creativity.