Published on: 11 April 2023
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Dalat Travel – What to Expect in May

It is now May in Dalat, when the City of Eternal Spring starts to see the sudden drizzles that come with the arrival of the rainy season. For those who are truly in love with this highland city, it is the ideal time for them to visit Dalat – when the sun is yet to be harsh and unforgiving, and the raindrops caress your face like the touch of a moody lover. Let Ana Mandara Villas Dalat walk you through all that are at the peak of beauty in Dalat this May.

Dalat Weather in May

The consensus is that May is the start of the rainy season in Dalat. The sky can be clear and sunny in one moment and starts pouring down in the next minute, so beware!

Daytime temperature ranges from 24-26°C (75-79°F). The morning atmosphere can be quite warm with the shining sun and clear blue sky, but it will get breezy as the sun sets. At night, it can be a little chilly, and the temperature can drop to around 15°C  (59°F), which is ideal for cuddling under the blanket in your most comfortable pajamas.

Dalat is famous for the city’s mild climate all around the year, so there is no need for heavy packing. Summer clothes work best, with a light hoodie or jacket for when it gets cold in the evening. Remember to pack an umbrella in case of rain as well.

Dalat Tourist Attractions

Van Thanh Flower Village

The beautiful village is located on the outskirts of the City of Eternal Spring. Widely considered the ideal destination for nature lovers, Van Thanh Flower Village is home to a great diversity of flora, including lavenders, roses, and lilies. There are also organic vegetables and fruit that are carefully grown and tended for by the local farmers, so remember to have a taste to see for yourself the product quality that Dalat is so proud of.

This May, let Ana Mandara accompany you to Van Thanh Flower Village on this quest to Discover the Wonders of Dalat, shall we?

Dalat Sunflower Fields

A must-visit destination in Dalat in May is the sunflower fields when the flowers are in full bloom. Imagine a sea of yellow sunflowers under the bright sky in May, you laid out your picnic set, and capture this beautiful scenery in the golden hour. That’s the experience that awaits in your next Dalat trip.

Another farm located on the outskirts of the beautiful Dalat city, Cau Dat Tea Hills is highly famous among tourists for its clean atmosphere, organic tea trees, peaceful scenery, and long-lasting history. Do come and experience for yourself, and do not forget to try the famous Cau Dat tea at the Tea House nearby, together with picking up some souvenirs for the trip.

You can also travel back in time with the tea museum that has existed for over one hundred years in Cau Dat Tea Hills. Also known as the oldest operating tea factory in Southeast Asia, the old tea factory is operated with European-styled machinery, bearing profound historical values.

Dalat for Food Lovers

Widely known throughout the country for its fresh and organic vegetables, Dalat incorporates a great variety of vegetables in the local dishes, one of which is the chicken hotpot with basil leaves. Be sure to enjoy the hearty hotpot during one of those drizzling afternoons, and it will surely warm you up!

In the mood for some savory light meal? Those baked rice crackers are made with glutinous rice flour and eggs, which are then baked in a clay mold to create the unique burnt aroma.

Another local favorite is grilled chicken with bamboo-cooked rice. The chicken is marinated and then grilled to perfection, and the bamboo rice is there to balance out the spice and fattiness of the meat.


And here is the end to Ana Mandara’s May travel guide. We hope that you will have a great trip in Dalat, and be sure to follow Ana Mandara Dalat for future tips, guides, and updates!