Published on: 26 July 2022
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Exhibition “Indochinese Clouds” – Travel with Nostalgia

A group of 5 talented artists has gathered to paint heart-to-heart moments in the inner space of Ana Mandara Villas Dalat imbued with classic French architecture and a touch of the olden Indochina. The exhibition is titled “Indochinese Clouds” – with 25 works of art displayed at Le Lycée Ballroom at Ana Mandara Villas Dalat Resort & Spa from May 15 to July 31, 2022.

This is the second time that artist Le Anh Quan participated in a painting exhibition at Ana Mandara Dalat. The “Ballet Girls” with 17 of his own works was the first event that took place in the same location. “That exhibition has drawn big attention and intrigued a number of people. When I told my painting buddies about the immensely special feeling when “brush waltzing” halfway up the hill, among the boundless clouds and green pines, a glimpse of timeless walls, roof riles or flower vines…, as if everyone has been waiting for this poetic reunion. And so we spent 10 days together here, drawing and composing together with clouds above our heads and side by side with such astonishing architecture. In the exhibition, we bring to the audience our hot off the press works, some are barely dried off yet…”. Artist Le Anh Quan excitedly revealed the occurrence leading him and his group of painters who share the love for Dalat to meet and create together.

The opening ceremony set off on May 15 with the presence of leaders from the provincial authorities of Lam Dong, leaders of the Vietnam Fine Arts Association, and the Hanoi Fine Arts Museum along with many other delegates. Mr. S Pham – Vice president of Lam Dong province’s People’s Committee expressed: “The antique villas of Ana Mandara are the ideal hub for art creators, photographers, architects, painters, poets, and writers to compose. Today, 5 talented painters have organized this meaningful creative camp called “Indochinese Clouds” and this is one of the art creative activities contributed to the cultural promotion in Dalat.”.

In addition to the ceremony, painter Luong Xuan Doan – President of Vietnam Fine Arts Association also stated: “During the recent years, the initiative of economic groups and enterprises in Vietnam has delivered extreme support to the development of art and I see that as a positive sign for a new era in our country. We are greatly thankful for all your consideration, love, and presence here today to share with us these precious emotions and to celebrate this exceptional exhibition with the creators. We as well hope that Ana Mandara will be a frequent station for artists to come creating art assisting the innovative development of Vietnam’s contemporary art in XXI century.”.

“Indochine Clouds” is chosen as the name of the creative camp as well as the title of the exhibition by the artist group since it is the core value they have been sensing within this space. Whether Clouds or Indochina, the element is reflected distinctively in one’s eyes. It is because, despite the mutual passion for art, they are at different stages of life: Painter Le Anh Quan (born in 1977), painter Luu Vu Long (1976), painter Dao Le Huong (1965), painter Dinh Thien Tam (1982) and painter Dinh Khac Cong (1958). Each generation comes with a perspective, school of thought, and distinguishing strengths. Unmingled personality and style are what it takes to differentiate an artist. “Amidst the same “atmosphere” but it is the artwork that asserts the dominance of one’s disparate style. That is the brilliant remark of art in general and painting particularly.” conveyed painter Dinh Thien Tam. Villa 12 is where painter Le Anh Quan immersed in nature and committed his full time to finish the painting “Clouds”. He shared his thoughts: “The artwork is the flowing sentiment throughout the drawing process and the flow is seamless over the 5 paintings. My feeling towards Dalat is quite special this time. The painting’s tones are my idea of a floating Dalat on clouds with an unmatchable view of sunrise.”.

The most outstanding ones among 25 works from 5 artists belong to painter Luu Vu Long, which are named whole-heartedly “Amidst the grandeur of Langbiang” and “Forest’s Story”. To him: “The grand forest carries in itself countless historical memoirs of a bygone era. Listening to the stories of the grand forest, I realize capturing nature is barely enough. I feel and I become one with Langbiang to tell the stories of the forest”. These are the most genuine thoughts of the painter during his days at the creative camp “Indochine Clouds”.

In the artistic eyes of painters, each author leans on a different emotion while being in the same creative space during the composing process. And in the atmosphere of Ana Mandara Villas Dalat – an epitome of a French village, every scenery spotted in a specific time frame also brings out a distinctive sense of affection. Paintings introduced by painter Dinh Khac Concompos successfully brought that statement to life. He said: “I can feel the changes of surrounding at sunrise, noon and afternoon…The whole process, each atmosphere brings a different feeling; that is why the illustration could be either still, passionate, or contrast in tones of color to depict the glamour of landscape.”.