Published on: 29 July 2022
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Musical Storytelling with Singer Khanh Ly

On June 24th’s afternoon, Ana Mandara Villas Dalat had the pleasure to host an intimate meeting between singer Khanh Ly and 100 fans for sharing and taking pictures. The profit from the tea-talk will be contributed to the “Vòng tay nhân ái” fund for the sake of upcoming charity activities.

Appearing in an elegant purple áo dài, Khanh Ly spent two hours to share with the fans about her personal stories. To the majority of the audience, this was the very first time they were at a close range with her, and in flesh. One expressed: “My family has always been in love with his singing, from my parents, to me, and now my little nephews and nieces. We all came here together with the biggest excitement and happiness.”.

It must have been the mutual feeling among 100 fans who participated in the tea-talk. Everyone was attentively listening and fantasizing about the stories shared by the singer. Once in a while, a smile was brought to one’s face. Perhaps, that was a smile of those whose long-awaited dream has finally come true. They were genuinely content with meeting such a legend, a witness of Vietnam’s music history – the glossified words that Khanh Ly insisted “I’m not like that.” or “Please don’t call me that.”.

The stories of singer Khanh Ly were blended in with her improvising mellow singing. Amidst the falling rain of a chilly afternoon in Dalat and the sound of an acoustic guitar mingled with the lilting rhythm of violin, it was natural for one to escape reality and take a trip down the memory lane. Some were the mere mundane pieces of memory of a poor little girl wishing to use her voice to flee from life struggles. Some were the precious times meeting, befriending and becoming soulmate in music with the late composer Trịnh Công Sơn. Some was also the recollection of her time in Dalat enjoying the local dishes such as boiled sweet potatoes, corns,…