Published on: 17 October 2023
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“Nhìn Lại” Exhibition – Artist Bui Van Tuat

Ana Mandara Villas Dalat Resort & Spa is pleased to present the solo exhibition “Nhin Lai” by artist Bui Van Tuat, who has distinguished himself in the Vietnamese modern art scene through his works on the theme of the Northern mountains. .

With skillful realistic painting, the subjects in Bui Van Tuat’s paintings appear extremely vivid and close. The main themes of his compositions are portraits and landscapes in the mountainous provinces, where he made many of his field trips. There are many paintings in the exhibition that are direct paintings from those trips.

Sharing about the exhibition name, Bui Van Tuat said: “I chose the name “Nhin Lai” or Looking Back as a way to remember my actual trips to the Northwest – the moments, the scenery, the conversations.” , the people I met. This is also an opportunity for me to look back at my creative journey, from the moment I first picked up a brush, to my first solo exhibition Such as Childhood, to see what I have and haven’t been able to do; Or to put it another way, I will continue what is left unfinished from Such a Childhood. And most importantly, I want to look back one last time on the past journey before ending and moving on to a new stage of writing. A new discovery for me, both in terms of ideas and methods of expression.”


At the Nhin Lai exhibition, Bui Van Tuat will display over 30 oil paintings with a variety of sizes: the largest painting is 170x400cm, the smallest is 35x30cm, the remaining medium paintings are 55x73cm, 40x50cm. What’s special is that all the works displayed in this exhibition are the scenery and people of Ha Giang, the land that Bui Van Tuat shared that left him with the deepest impressions. Most of the works he created in 2023 have never been published anywhere, only a few old works he added to fit the exhibition’s theme. Bui Van Tuat also revealed that, among more than 30 paintings, he agonized over the work “Small yard in front of the house” after nearly 4 years of pondering. In 2019, he put his first brush to work but it was not until the end of the month. It took him 9 years to complete it.

The solo exhibition Nhin Lai by artist Bui Van Tuat will take place at Ana Mandara Villas Dalat Resort & Spa, from October 28, 2023 to December 28, 2023.