Published on: 5 June 2023
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True Dine-Out Experience with 5 Essential Dalat Restaurants

Beloved by the unique gentle and mild climate, with European-styled historical buildings, Dalat is easy to love as a mini European city in the middle of a tropical country such as Vietnam. Dalat is especially spoiled for choice when it comes to the European dining experience – where Vietnamese, French, and Italian culinary traditions joyfully collide. Today, on the quest to search for where to eat in Dalat, let Ana Mandara guide you on a tour that covers 5 of the most essential restaurants in the city:

Le Petit Restaurant

Truly one of the most well-known restaurants in the city of Dalat, Le Petit restaurant was once a French villa built for a relaxing holiday for the French settlers in the 1900s. Such historical background allows Le Petit restaurant to have a unique atmosphere with heavy classic French architecture influence, which is highly different from other high-end luxury restaurants. With a capacity of up to 120 people, Le Petit restaurant is the ideal place for large and small parties that require classic elegance and privacy.

The dishes at the restaurant are prepared by chef Nguyen Huu Huong, member of the Board of Directors of Lam Dong Professional Kitchen Club with 35 years of experience. Chef Huong and his team push the culinary experience to the peak with their dedicated skills and experience.

The real catch of Le Petit restaurant is located in the cellar, where an extensive wine collection is kept ready to welcome the discerning connoisseur. Enjoy a brief trip to the wineries of Southern French at this handsome restaurant before heading back to Dalat.

In addition, Le Petit restaurant is also a perfect date for couples who seek the romantic atmosphere of the country of love. Entice both your taste buds and your sense of romance during a romantic evening with your love interest with Le Petit’s intimate spaces, soft lighting, and sensational menus among the dreamy pine forest.

Chefs Dalat

Chefs Dalat is a nice little restaurant specializing in Western cuisine. The restaurant boasts one of the city’s most unique and diverse menus. Made from fresh ingredients, combined with the skillful hands of the chef, the dishes here will bring unforgettable emotions to both local and international diners.

Émai Dalat

Inspired by the simplicity and elegance of the Italian countryside, Émai Dalat offers a peaceful atmosphere and dishes with the quintessential European flavor. Émai Dalat is an Italian suburban experience in the heart of Dalat, where you will find some of the city’s very best pasta and other enticing pantry items.

Biang Dalat Garden Restaurant

Boasting a spacious area, Biang Dalat Garden Restaurant is a great Mediterranean restaurant. Here serves a variety of Asian and Western dishes with quite reasonable prices, suitable for young people who want to try the modern bistro food experience in the heart of the city.


For passionate Italian food and culture connoisseurs, Primavera is a restaurant that you cannot miss. Seafood and pizzas are the star at this Italian-inspired restaurant for their freshness, succulence, and sustainability. The restaurant is also uniquely decorated to provide diners with a true authentic Italian experience.


In this Dalat journey, it is impossible to ignore the city’s most beloved and vital dining experiences. Taste the deliciousness of Dalat at the hands of talented chefs, and you will see why people have fallen so deeply for this city of eternal spring.